D Damiana

GEOXSKU: D16QCE.00043.C9999
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size: 36
Color: BLACK
Material: Leather
Sale priceLE 9,999.00


Slip-on and off
Putting shoes on has never been this easy. Choose slip-on shoes and put them on in one quick motion!
Natural upper
Fall-winter shoes made with a natural grain leather upper are a guarantee for timeless elegance as well as comfort.
Soft insole
Choose shoes that have a leather insole which does not wear off or wrinkle. It’s skin-friendly and will give your feet complete freedom.
Strong interior
The interior of these fall-winter shoes is made of high-quality eco-leather. Great news for those who value durable shoes from the inside.
High-quality sole
The sole of these fall-winter shoes is made of high-quality material, which is characterized by durability and resistance to bad weather.

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